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Moog Animatics Introduces the DS2020 Drive with Combitronic System

01 Mar,2021


Moog Animatics announces the release of the DS2020 digital servo drive with Combitronic capability. This single-axis drive operates a Moog CD series motor, providing high torque capabilities for large axes of motion and other demanding applications.

The DS2020 drive with Combitronic expands the standard drive’s capabilities by allowing it to act as a follower device on the Combitronic network, which means the drive can be easily controlled by any SmartMotor on that network. This allows the DS2020 Combitronic drive to fit and work seamlessly in SmartMotor-based machines and applications, while supporting the familiar SMI software and AniBasic programming language to configure and program the entire system.


“The introduction of the DS2020 Combitronic system marks an evolutionary step in the SmartMotor product lineup,” says Ray Walsh, general manager at Moog Animatics. “This new product offering allows Moog to satisfy customer application needs where larger, high torque motors are required, while leveraging the advantages of SmartMotor technology.”


Incorporating the Combitronic communication protocol into the DS2020 drive allows target customers to simplify their machine, making it more compact. In addition, this enhancement helps retain the SmartMotor’s traditional ease-of-use while also addressing the power needs of large axes of motion and other demanding applications. 

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